What is KAAYA Q?

KaayaQ represents the Kaaya Quotient (KQ) to me.

Kaaya‘ is a Sanskrit word, which means body in the sense of many qualities gathered together, joined and united as one. It is that which is accumulated.

In Buddhism the bodies of the kaaya of Buddha are distinguished as –
1. the physical body (nirmana-kaaya)
2. the wealth-body or jeweled body (sambhoga-kaaya)
3. the timeless & formless body (dharma-kaaya)
4. the nature body (svabhava-kaaya)
5. the wisdom & truth body (jnana-kaaya)
kaaya-sampat‘ is the body of perfection.

This is referent to the physical body, the energy body, the source body, the subtle body, energy body, the rainbow body taken as an interconnected whole. It shines through on a vibratory physical level and manifests itself through our journeys… individual to all of us.

The degrees and levels depending on the awareness, karma, intent, and ability of the purified body-heart-mind integration is our Kaaya Quotient.

And here, I hope to share mine only for a while – what I have learnt about the body based on pure science, the freedom I have felt through the art I pursue, the experiences I have had from the life I have lived, the emotions I have felt, the thoughts that have crossed my mind and have found ground.

Until I develop the wisdom to share the KaayaQ of the beautiful people I encounter in this life.

– Deepa Bajaj


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